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Manufacturer of innovative, patented and whenever possible UL Listed:

  • Galvanized/Stainless Steel Conduit & Box Support
  • Ceiling & wall brackets and plates
  • Duct Bank HDPE Templates
  • Overhead Conduit Support Brackets
  • Transition Couplings (PVC/PVC, PVC/EMT, PVC/Rigid,
    PVC/Flexible, PVC/Stainless Steel, PVC/Aluminum, PVC/Liquidtite, PVC/Compression EMT)
  • Unlimited variety of outlet box assemblies with or without wiring devices and flexible whips installed. Wire Harnesses for Voice, Data, Power and Controls

All of our products are designed to help the electrical contractor do jobs SAFER—BETTER—FASTER and save them a tremendous amount of time which equates to a great amount of money saved!

Since 1966, when we invented the everyday lighting fixture whip conduit, couplings with no center stops, plus introduced a wide variety of prefabricated
assemblies helping contractors do their jobs SAFER— BETTER—FASTER to allow them to be more competitive and profitable.

Our made in USA, often patented, UL listed innovative products are constantly being invented by highly experienced electricians in the field to help do their jobs on time.

There is a tremendous shortage of qualified electricians throughout the country which is forcing the contractors to seek out qualified manufacturers of prefabricated assemblies and innovative products to help them do their jobs SAFER—BETTER—FASTER with fewer workers and less payroll. Our made in USA policy should also help increase your sales and greatly increase your income.