Manufacturer of electrical wiring devices, light fixtures, plumbing supplies, hardware and tools to the North and Central America market.

Electrical Manufacturers Representatives - Texas & Oklahoma


CME Wire and Cable, Inc is reinventing how cable and wire is sold in today’s global market. CME’s products and services are carefully planned to ensure that new and existing customers receive personalized attention.

Wiring products we offer include XHHW, DLO, PV, Tray Cable (Type TC copper, aluminum MC and 20/10), MV105 Single and Multiconductor Shielded and Shielded Armored ,Mining and Marine Cable

CME offers the most versatile manufacturing capabilities in the electrical wire and cable business. Product offering of copper and aluminum products ranging from low voltage to extra high voltage (Bare conductors, insulated Low and Medium Voltage cables (EPR and XLPE), PILC, and HV up to 230 KV).